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Few Tips to Protect Your Skin During Summer

by Body Tales 08 Jan 2023

Glorious summer days are here. But, no matter how beautiful the blue sky looks or how enticing backyard barbeques are, your skin will show the signs of sun exposure pretty soon. And it will show its effects quite soon – unless you take measures to protect your skin.

Clogged, tanned, dull and dehydrated skin is not an uncommon sight during the summers. However, when you give your skin the attention it deserves, it will look and feel better. Before we jump right into the topic at hand, let’s first see what the sun does to our skin.

How does the sun affect our skin?

Our skin has three major layers, and on the middle layer, we have the sebum-producing dermis. Sebum is produced by sebaceous glands present near the hair follicles.

The sebum acts as our skin’s natural moisturizer and hydrant. Our facial skin has the greatest number of sebaceous glands, making the skin on our face shine compared with the rest of our body.
During the summer, the increase in temperature and humidity causes the sebaceous glands to process excess sebum leading to oily and sticky skin. This excess oil blocks the pores, trapping bacteria and dirt onto the surface. As the dirt mixes with our sweat, acne, pimples and other skin conditions start.

Moreover, when your skin is exposed to sunlight for long periods, the melanin content in your skin increases to protect itself from harmful UV rays. Although melanin has photoprotective capabilities, excessive melanin means excessive tanning – and itchy, sweaty, prickly, sensitive summer skin.

Science-backed Tips to Protect your Skin this Summer

1. Hydration holds the key to healthy skin

Drinking plenty of water is good for your body, particularly your skin. Exposure to intense sun causes your skin to dry out faster than normal. Waiting until you feel thirsty to sip water indicates your body is already in the first stages of dehydration.

Our body has almost 70% water, and as the largest organ in our body, our skin too retains significant amounts of water. It aids in pushing out toxins from the system, and as such, our skin needs water to stay healthy and supple. If you don’t provide your skin with the necessary hydration, it can become dry, flaky and patchy.
You can use a hydrating or moisturizing face mask twice or thrice weekly – preferably at night for some extra moisture absorption. Avoid deodorant soaps and products containing alcohol that can dry up your skin. Always moisturize your skin right after your bath.

To keep your skin moisturized and drink copious amounts of water and juices, try to include hyaluronic acid serum in your beauty regime. Its moisturizing and water-retaining properties come in handy during the summer months.

2. Keep your skin fresh with fruit or a moisturizing facial

Go for a rejuvenating facial at regular intervals to keep your skin nourishment and attention. Facials are extremely useful in removing accumulated dead skin and built-up dirt from the pores. In addition, it allows the skin to feel clean and new skin cells to thrive.

A good facial provides deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning and deep moisturizing to your skin. Moreover, you can also opt for customized facials that take special care of your skin’s specific needs.

3. Cleansing helps remove excess oil and dirt

Sometimes deep cleanse is all your skin needs to feel light and fresh.

In the summers, your skin might feel exceptionally oily, and because of this, excess sebum traps dirt, grime, pollutants, and bacteria in the pores. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type and wash away accumulated dirt and grime from the pores.
Always choose a mild, alcohol-free cleanser, as it cleanses without harming the skin. You should try to cleanse your skin twice a day during the summer months to wash away the excess oil and dirt.

However, you should also avoid over-cleansing as sometimes, the essential oils that maintain moisturize your skin also get eroded. Should you feel you need to cleanse your skin during the day, go for a face wipe.

4. Healthy food means healthy skin

Healthy skin without a healthy diet is a myth.

A balanced diet with large amounts of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies helps improve skin health from within. No amount of external cleansing and cream can work the magic that a good diet can do within a few months.
Nutritious food is your best bet for healthy and hydrated skin, especially during the summer when your skin will be exceptionally dry and dull.
It is best to avoid oily and dairy products during summer as they can kickstart a road down acne and pimples. Instead, include a lot of salads, cucumbers, watermelons and citrus fruits to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful.

Remember to stay away – really far away – from sugary and carbonated drinks.

5. Have a skincare routine and stick with it

Your skin works its magic when you follow a proper skincare regime.

Make a plan and stick to it after figuring out which products work best for your skin’s specific needs. If cleansing, toning and moisturizing work for it, go for it. If you think your skin deserves the goodness of only a cleanser and a serum, then that’s what you should do.

6. Let Antioxidants work their magic

Antioxidants are powerhouses of goodness, and they work best when you need intense hydration.

Antioxidants also keep free radicals at bay. These free radicals are responsible for skin aging and dullness. Antioxidants are found in food and good serums, like Body Tales Vitamin C serum and foaming cleansers, which have the potential to reduce damage to your skin cells. These antioxidants cling to the free radicals and stop them from attaching to healthy skin.

7. Stay away from heavy make-up

Allow your skin to breathe. Keep natural skin, at least for a few hours a day, preferably at night.

Make sure to remove the make-up before you hit the bed.

Heavy make-up makes your skin sweat, and the pores get clogged and impact the skin’s breathing. Healthy and nourished skin is the best make-up you can choose. If you want to wear make-up, go for a tinted lip balm and a moisturizer. However, make sure you cleanse your skin before and after applying make-up.

8. A good scrub twice a week keeps dead skin cells away

Exfoliation helps remove excess and accumulated oil, dead cells, and dirt deep within the pores. Ensure to exfoliate your face (don’t forget the neck) at least twice a week. Don’t overdo it and harm your skin.

Always use a scrub that suits your skin. Make sure to massage the scrub gently into the skin in a circular motion.

9. Don’t neglect your neck, hands and lips

We are reiterating the last point here.
While we focus on our facial skin, we overlook our neck, lips and hands. A thoroughly cleaned face and a grimy neck aren’t a pretty sight. Give the same skin care treatment to your neck and behind the ears.

Don’t forget that your lips too need exfoliation. Be gentle, and with a soft-bristled brush, give your lips a gentle massage that removes dead skin cells from your lips. There are many creams and moisturizing lotions, particularly made for the benefit of your hands. Those hands need to be treated well, as well.

Summers need not give you the chills when it comes to skincare, as long as you have the right products. We believe buying the right skincare products is where everything begins. One mistake in your choice, and you might have to start again.

Go for a reliable and tested product, like Body Tales. It has grown huge patronage in a very short period, thanks to its high-quality products formulated scientifically. Try it, and you might be able to tell the positive difference almost immediately.


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