Vitamin C For Skin: Benefits, Side Effects & Best Products

by Body Tales on Jan 08, 2023

Vitamin C For Skin: Benefits, Side Effects & Best Products

Vitamin C For Skin: Benefits, Side Effects & Best Products

Not all skincare is created equal!

Some skincare products do good for your skin, while others don’t.

Most of us are carried away by the fancy bottles and bold promises of beauty brands. But, skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution, yet, some products work for everyone – such as Vitamin C, E and A.

But the Vitamin that comes highly recommended by dermatologists worldwide is Vitamin C.

According to reports, consumers prefer Vitamin C as the best beauty product supplement over other vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. The search for products infused with Vitamin C also saw a spike in search volume on Google. The search and sales of Vitamin C serums peaked with a 37% increase in sales during June 2020.

But what exactly makes Vitamin C a legendary recipe for great skin? Let’s find out.
What is Vitamin C?
We believe a little information about the background for a great supplement like Vitamin C is necessary.
L-ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, is essential and naturally found antioxidant.
Vit C scores high on its antioxidant properties, but its acidic nature also helps increase the skin-healing and nourishing process. Vitamin C helps in increasing the skin’s natural regeneration process. Although we have enough Vitamin C in our body, we don’t possess the enzyme that helps synthesize our Vit C. Blame it on evolution or natural selection. It seems human beings have lost the ability to produce Vit C naturally.
The primary sources of Vit C are mainly fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits and berries – such as watermelons, strawberries, mangoes, tomatoes, cherries and pineapple – are mostly found to be high sources of this Vitamin.
Vegetables, such as broccoli, sprouts, cabbage and peppers, seem to have higher concentration of Vit C.
What does Science Say?

Vitamin C is a natural component of the skin found abundantly in dermis and epidermis layers. However, once aging sets off, there is a steady decline in its concentration levels. Besides aging, even exposure to excessive sunlight (UV light), pollutants, and inadequate health can also decrease its levels.

Vitamin C flows to the skin through the bloodstream, although exposure to elements such as heat, sun, and light might slowly degrade their presence in the cells.
Although Vit C is available in the skin, its concentration levels can’t be increased solely by oral supplements. That’s why topical application products such as serums, gels and creams infused with Vit C are preferred by dermatologists and others.
5 Reasons why Vitamin C Should be a part of your daily health regimen for skin
One of the reasons to take Vitamin C topical supplements, either in a serum or a lotion, is its vital role in boosting skin health. The very fact that Vit C is present at high levels in the skin indicates that it is highly beneficial to the functioning and nourishment of the skin.
These are five reasons you should include Vitamin C in your daily beauty regimen.
1. Vitamin C Reduces Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damage
Hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the skin also occur due to the overproduction of melanin. Vit C’s antioxidants interrupt melanin production by curbing free radicals as a depigmentation agent.

Vit C can reduce sun damage caused by constant exposure to UV rays from the sun. However, you shouldn’t replace your sunscreen with Vit C topical supplements because it doesn’t absorb UV light. The antioxidants present in Vit C give you protection against sun damage by neutralizing free radicals.

That’s why topical application of Vitamin C Serum such as from Bodytales helps increase photoprotection compared with oral intake of supplements. When you combine Vit C and E, you get enhanced protection against sun damage and reduce redness, uneven complexion and skin irritation.

While a topical application of Vit C is a good idea, it is always better to replenish the goodness by consuming Vit C rich foods.
2. Vitamin C Helps Heal Inflammation
Vit C plays a significant role in healing inflammation and wounds. Vitamin C helps maintain a robust immune system, and any deficiency can cause a cascade of infections.
After a wound or rash, the body’s inflammatory responses increase the production of free radicals at the injury site. When Vit C is applied, it increases the epidermal layer and collagen production.
So, Vit C intake and application help the body enhance its response to immunodeficiency. By blocking the formation of LPS, Vit C helps in neutralizing endotoxins. Both nutritional intake and topical application of Vit C at the wound site have proven highly beneficial.
When you use Vit C, it helps in reducing the effects of rashes, irritations and redness. So, it is usually prescribed by dermatologists when treating acne, psoriasis and stubborn scars. It is also believed to be a potent supplement given for the treatment of rosacea, and the anti-inflammatory qualities of Vit C promote inflammation-related hyperpigmentation and rashes.
3. Vitamin C Boosts Collagen Production
In addition to being an excellent antioxidant, Vit C also tops the charts with its collagen production qualities.
Collagen is an essential structural protein present in the skin. Collagen is responsible for maintaining solid and supple skin. Collagen is abundantly found in young skin, and as you age, your collagen levels keep depleting, causing wrinkles and sagging skin.
In order to synthesize collagen, your body needs something called ‘procollagen.’ Procollagen is built by amino acids glycine and proline, and Vitamin C plays a crucial role in producing Procollagen.
When Vitamin C, ideally in the form of Serum, is applied topically, it boosts the production of collagen and elasticity. Both are responsible for keeping the skin plump, tight and firm. Topical application is also said to help reduce premature aging and wrinkling by restoring the skin’s natural suppleness and smoothness.
4. Vitamin C Reverses Skin Aging
Wrinkles and fine lines show that your body is not taking the chronological aging process very well. Aging is marked with the onset of wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines, and this is increased by continued exposure to the sun, pollutants, or smoking.
The loss or deterioration of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and changes to the layers of the skin might contribute to the process of skin aging. The effect of Vit C application on the skin depends on the person’s health.
It is always recommended that you continue to use Vitamin C for at least 12 weeks to see some effect on your skin. Higher intake and Vitamin C on your skin impact wrinkles and fine lines. It also reduces roughness and reduces age-related skin damage. Vit C acts as a natural inhibitor of wrinkles and loss of elasticity by increasing collagen production.
5. Vitamin C Promotes Skin Hydration
Dry skin is a fairly common condition experienced by many of us. Extreme dryness could be due to a lousy skincare regime, lack of nutrients, illness, environmental changes, humidity and age.
Sebum or water production in our skin decreases as we age. Ascorbic acid is proven to affect epidermal water loss. With Vit C, your body promotes barrier lipids, helping the body retain water and appear plump.

Moreover, Vit C also prevents your skin from becoming too dry or oily. It helps maintain the right amount of hydration needed for your skin to stay supple. Dryness also affects skin elasticity and texture, which can be tackled using Vit C infused products like Serums and Vitamin C Cleanser.

How to Select the Right Vit C products?
We know that thousands of Vit C products out there profess their benefits on your skin. But selecting the right one for your particular need could be a challenge.
Here, we will help you make the entire selection process easier and more effective.
First, look for ascorbic acid – the most stable form of Vitamin C – especially for skincare.
Next, make sure you use a serum – let it play a prominent role. Compared with toners or even creams, Vitamin C serums are almost magical. Look where the product is sourcing its Vitamin C from – Kakadu plum is the best bet. It has the goodness of Vitamin C – your skin will thank you for it.
Your dermatologists will also tell you that pure Vit C is the most effective in countering years of skin damage and reversing the tell-tale signs of aging.
Although 5% serums are generally considered suitable for your skin, try to pick the 20% Vit C serum, which quickly brightens and adds glow to your skin.

We believe Bodytales Vitamin C Pure Bright face serum – a proven cell-repairing formula perfect for all skin types – ticks all the boxes on the list. It is a pure Vit C extract from Kakadu plum that revitalizes the skin by working deep in the pores. It is the best bet to reverse aging, remove blemishes, and smoothen wrinkles.