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Is there Any Permanent Solution For Grey Hair?

by Body Tales 08 Jan 2023

Ageing is a part of life. It happens to us, irrespective of whether we want it or not. As we grow up we start seeing fine lines and wrinkles on our skin. We start noticing that our skin is getting loose and has started sagging creating insecurities in our head and not feeling young anymore! Similar to our skin, our hair ages too. The roots of our hair weakens as we grow older, which is quite natural. But living in times where anxiety, stress and expectations have consumed us our body has started to show these signs of stress and ageing early. And nobody wants to see grey strands when they’re still enjoying their youth, right?

Your hair goes through a natural cycle of dying and then being regenerated. As your hair follicles age, they produce less colour. Once you reach the age of 35, your ageing hair follicles are likely to create a white or grey hair to replace the last hair that died, even though your genetics will determine when greying actually begins. While some individuals view grey hair as a sign of wisdom and maturity, many people believe that as their hair begins to turn grey, they begin to look older and would prefer the grey to disappear for a more youthful appearance.

No matter what age it occurs, grey hair can be difficult for some people to accept. While some people would welcome the hue shift, others might try to stop or reverse the process. Can grey hair actually be turned back? Are there any actions you could take to stop this from happening?

Some lifestyle changes that can help reverse ageing of your hair

1. Get Enough Vitamins And Minerals

It is important for your body to get enough vitamins and minerals to function and thrive at it’s best.
Vitamins that keep your hair healthy include :
Minerals that can play a vital role in hair growth and repair include :

2. Smoking Causes Your Hair To Turn Grey Faster

Apart from the reasons widely known about why smoking is bad, Smoking has also been proven to damage your skin and hair follicles. A number of uncommon premature ageing syndromes as well as autoimmune diseases like autoimmune thyroid disease and pernicious anaemia have been associated to premature hair greying (PHG). In addition, studies have shown a connection between smoking and male pattern baldness as well as a correlation between smoking and grey hair in both men and women.

3. Sun Damage To Your Hair Is A Real Thing!

Overexposure to the sun can also hasten the age of your hair, just as it can hasten the ageing of your skin. Your hair may get dry and brittle from excessive UV exposure, and yes, it may even prematurely grey.

Hair that is naturally oilier and coarser will be able to survive UV exposure better than hair that is thinner. In either case, it is important to protect your hair if you plan to spend a lot of time outside in the sun.

4. Take Care Of Your Hair And Stop Damaging It

Nothing is as beautiful as natural hair and when you don’t take care of it they tend to wilt. The current environmental pollution and natural stressful aura just helps in worsening the damage.

Certain hair care actions that can damage your hair include :

5. Use Body Tales Anti-grey Hair Serum

Maintaining your hair with the right organic products is as important as not letting it get damaged by too many chemicals. There are a lot of anti-grey hair serums out in the market that helps in reversing the ageing of hair. Bodytales anti-grey hair serum is an intense formula to reverse hair ageing. This serum makes your hair look younger, promotes natural hair growth, and increases hair density. Adding this to your hair care ritual will definitely give you healthy and dense hair growth.

Your follicles age as well as you do. And as they become older, your hair follicles create less colour. Less melanin and pigmentation in the hair as a result makes it appear grey or white. If you prefer your hair to have color, there are a number of solutions. Many natural home remedies for gray hair are promoted by advocates of natural healing.

Getting gray hair is part of the normal aging process, and different people will experience it at different ages. There is no concrete way to permanently treat the ageing of hair. But if you play your cards right and take care of your hair and maintain it then it is possible to revive your strong, voluminous hair and bask in the feeling of youthfulness!

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