Best Winter Moisturizer In India for Every Skin Type

by Body Tales on Jan 08, 2023

Best Winter Moisturizer In India for Every Skin Type

Best Winter Moisturizer In India for Every Skin Type

Winter is the time of year when nature most enchants us with its wonderful beauty. But this is also the time of year when the harsh, dry air makes your skin more susceptible to injury.
Therefore, it’s crucial to change up your skincare routine in the winter. Taking good care of your skin is crucial for both its health and appearance since dry skin can lead to itchiness, irritation, and a variety of other skin issues.

Today’s market offers such a wide range of products, many of which claim to deliver the finest results, but it can be difficult to determine which skincare products are actually necessary to provide your skin with the nutrients and hydration it needs.

Getting confused while trying to find the ideal winter moisturizer is normal. Your skin type, not the season, should be the first and most crucial consideration when choosing a moisturizer, right? The best moisturizer for oily skin would be sought after by those with oily or acne-prone skin, whereas the best moisturiser for dry skin would be sought after by those with dry skin, and so on. So that you can select the ideal face cream for all skin types, including combination and sensitive skin types, we have produced a guide.

You must treat your skin as best you can, regardless of whether it is sensitive, dry, oily, or a combination of both. Despite how much you might wish to prevent those unwanted skin issues, they won’t go away until you take action on your end. To prevent damage to your lovely skin, you should always purchase the best body lotion or, let’s say, face cream.
Purchasing a moisturiser is really vital if you want to prevent your skin from turning into arid terrain, especially during the winter. We can only imagine how difficult it would be to have dry skin and make it through the months of November to January without using any skincare products. To get through these few months, even people with oily skin require some oil-free moisturisers.

Bodytales curates the best and accurate products for it’s customers and helps them achieve their skincare goals. We emphasise on the importance of daily skincare routine and how important moisturising is on daily basis, especially during winters!


8 Reasons Why You Need a Moisturizer

1. Skin Becomes Smooth And Soft
The main justification is that your skin feels wonderful. Even a hot shower can remove natural oils from our skin, yet moisturising immediately leaves skin supple and smooth to the touch. The nicest thing is that the feeling lasts all day if done right after a shower.
2. Prevents Wrinkles And Fine Lines
The skin’s capacity to hold moisture starts to decline as we get older. Skin becomes thinner, dryer, and less elastic as a result. The more skin is dehydrated, the more fine lines appear and become more obvious. A moisturiser fills up those fine wrinkles and stops.
3. Plumpifies The Skin
Skin goes through a slight inflammatory process as it loses moisture. The collagen production is slowed down when this continues for days on end. Lack of moisture causes skin to become dull and drooping since collagen is what keeps skin appearing full. In order to maintain a young appearance, moisturising aids in skin restoration and allows for the production of new skin cells.
4. Stops Outbreaks
Although it is normal to question if oily skin requires additional moisture, even a tiny suggestion of dryness can trigger the oil glands to go into overdrive. Bumps and imperfections may result from this. These may be avoided, and a moisturiser with elements like salicylic acid can aid with skin healing.
5. Sensitive Skin Comfort
Rosacea, eczema, rosacea, and other skin conditions are very common in those with sensitive skin. Lack of moisture causes the skin cells in sensitive skin to contract, making them more vulnerable to infection and microbial growth. By calming any irritation and empowering the skin to repair itself, moisturising provides the extra care sensitive skin needs.
6. Increases Natural Glow
Your skin will appear strained if it is dry. The skin becomes instantly more energised and radiant when moisturiser is applied. Exfoliation frees up clogged pores, and moisturisers assist keep water in the cells so that you may glow all day without applying any makeup.
7. Skin Protection
The face’s skin is particularly susceptible to environmental hazards such UV radiation, pollution, and chemical cosmetics. Dehydration depletes the skin’s natural oils, which serve as a form of weatherproofing. Without them, the skin is more vulnerable to harm, inflammation, and other problems.
8. Improves The Performance Of Other Products
In addition to hydrating the skin, moisturising ensures that any additional products you use will stick well. Applying makeup on unmoisturized skin can cause it to clump and adhere to dry patches as well as in/on creases and lines. After moisturising, even other products like serums and sunscreens perform better.

Bodytales Skin Rejuvenating Moisturiser For Winters

Bodytales is a trusted brand that makes some of the best skincare products with natural ingredients. And, the Bodytales Skin Rejuvenating Moisturiser can help you a lot against acne. Fermented Lactobacillus Pentosus, Rosamine Vitamin Cocktail, Mimiskin are known to be the best ingredients for everyone’s skincare routine.

The ideal option for regaining the suppleness, shine, and hydration of skin’s natural state is this light body moisturiser. This moisturiser gently removes makeup, excess oils, dead skin cells, dust, and sun damage from the pores. This cream’s potent blend of collagen-stimulating ingredients and Rosamine vitamins prevents skin ageing, repairs years’ worth of damage, and instantly brings back the skin’s young radiance. Thus, this Bodytales Moisturiser is best for your skin during this winter skin care routine.

Benefits of Bodytales Skin Rejuvenating Moisturiser

1. It Is Useful For Everything
Our skin-healing cream has many benefits, including improving skin tone, repairing skin cell damage, giving your skin a radiant appearance, and hydrating your skin. It is an essential all-in- one product.
2. Decreases Eczema
A balanced microbe called fermented lactobacillus pentosus aids in the reduction of severe skin lesions or eczema. It enhances skin’s defences and lessens acne. Boost cell growth: The rosamine vitamin in this lotion promotes oxygen flow, which firms and smoothes the skin. Additionally, it promotes cell renewal and shields your skin from early ageing.
3. Purify Pollutants' Effects
The Mimiskin ingredient in this product keeps skin moisturised, improves complexion, and restores the natural barrier to its ideal state. It lessens the impact of contaminants and provides the skin with a high level of adhesion and compatibility.
Every drop of the moisturiser gives your skin great nourishment and helps you regain your young look. It also provides you with youthful skin that is rejuvenated, vibrant, and healthy and free of age indicators.
One crucial step in a skin care regimen to counteract dryness is moisturising. Moisturising is a crucial component in addition to the traditional guidelines of food and hydration in order to avoid dry skin. Even if we are accustomed to the harmful and drying effects of hot, humid weather, moisturising in the winter is still essential if you want to have soft, radiant skin even in the chilly months. Thus, this winter take care of your skin with Bodytales and enjoy the cold chilly weather with glowing radiance!