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Most Common Causes of Grey Hair (White Hair) & How Can You Reverse It

by Body Tales 08 Jan 2023

While ashy grey hair is a popular hair colour, most people are quite concerned about grey hair and premature greying. The natural ageing process of greying hair, but do you know the exact causes? And is it possible to naturally turn the process around? How is grey hair reversed? Let’s examine the causes of grey hair and discover some effective anti-aging strategies.


What Causes Grey Hair?

While a variety of other factors as well as genetics influence the occurrence of grey hair, genetics play a significant part in hair ageing.

1. Genetics

It is highly likely that you will have early greying if either of your parents had it. According to research, region, race, and ethnicity all have an effect on greying.

2. Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress occurs when your body’s antioxidants and free radicals are in an unbalanced state. Free radicals cause cell damage and hasten the ageing process by hastening the cellular ageing process. Your risk of long-term oxidative stress is increased by factors like obesity, tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, and exposure to environmental irritants.

3. Deficiency In Diet

It has been found that specific nutrients have a significant influence in premature greying. For instance, studies show that a deficiency in iron, copper, vitamin B, iodine, and omega 3 results in grey hair, thus these nutrients must be consumed. On the other side, processed, refined, junk, or packaged foods may hasten the ageing process. So, be mindful of what you eat because a poor diet can contribute significantly to early hair ageing.

4. Emotional Stress

It is thought that psychological or emotional stress causes the stem cells in hair follicles to become less abundant, which leads to early greying.

5. Vitamin Deficiency

Your hair’s pigmentation is affected by an unbalanced diet that is low in vital vitamins like B, D, E, and biotin, which causes your hair to turn grey.

6. Chemical Hair Products & Dyes

Chemical shampoos, hair dyes, and other hair products can hasten the greying of hair. Many of these products have dangerous components that reduce melanin.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

One such dangerous ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which can be found in many hair colors. Overuse of bleaching agents will eventually turn hair white as well.

8. Medical Issues

A person’s risk of premature greying owing to melanin deficit may be increased by certain medical issues, such as autoimmune illnesses.

Can You Reverse The Greying Process?

You may or may not be able to stop the greying of your hair, depending on the cause. Despite what some online marketers suggest, if the reason of greying is genetic, the process cannot be stopped. If there are underlying medical issues or nutritional inadequacies, you can gradually halt or even reverse the process. To restore your natural hair colour, maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious food that is balanced and low levels of stress.

How Do To Deal With Grey Hair?

Here are some strategies for dealing with your greys, whether you want to delay premature greying, stop it from happening, or reverse the process.
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